Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message ExceptionalVehicleState

The combination of information used to report exceptional vehicle states. These vehicle states are of rare nature and typically indicate a non-regular condition (e.g. tires slipping, crash detected, strong breaking).

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

tire​Slippage Tire​Slippage​Event optional

DEPRECATED: Handled within ElectronicStabilityControlEvent.

crash​Detected Crash​Detected​Event optional

This Event contains relevant information about a detected crash.

emergency​Braking Emergency​Braking​Event optional

This Event contains emergency braking information.

dynamic​Stability​Control Dynamic​Stability​Control​Event optional


Handled within ElectronicStabilityControlEvent

anti​Lock​Braking​System Anti​Lock​Braking​System​Event optional


Handled within ElectronicStabilityControlEvent

electronic​Stability​Control Electronic​Stability​Control​Event optional

Contains ESC events, as ABS, TC, ESP

extension​Container Extension​Container repeated

Contains the description and byte value of an dynamic extension content, that is undefined in this Specification.