Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message LaneBoundaryRecognition

Container holding information of one recognized lane boundary (lane marking). The Position Offset data element provides positional information relative to the vehicle for the reported lane boundary. The Curvature data element is used to report lane boundary curvature in case this can be detected on board.

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

position​Offset Position​Offset required

Describes the relative position of the lane boundary in respect to the vehicle reference point and the vehicle reference axis.

lane​Boundary​Type Lane​Boundary​Type​Enum optional

Describes the type of the recognized lane boundary

lane​Boundary​Color Lane​Boundary​Color​Enum optional

Information about what color the lane marking has.

curvature​_​1pm double optional

The curvature as measured from the lane detection algorithm. Defining the curvature of the lane at the proximity of the vehicle. A positive value means a curvature to the right, a negative value means a curvature to the left.

Unit: 1/Meter[1/m]| Range: -1..1/m| Resolution: 0.001/m

lane​Marker​Width​_​mm int32 optional

The width of the detected lane marker at the proximity of the vehicle.

Unit: Milimeter[mm]| Range: 0..1000mm| Resolution: 1mm

lane​Marker​Width​Accuracy​_​mm int32 optional

The accuracy of the lane Marker width depending on the quality of the sensor readings.

Unit: Milimeter[mm]| Range: 0..1000mm| Resolution: 1mm

lane​Declination​_​deg double optional

The measured declination between the lane marker at the proximity of the vehicle and the vehicle’s driving direction (it’s view) in mathematical rotation direction (positive == the lane is rotated to the right in reference to the vehicle)

Unit: Degree[°]| Range: -90..90°| Resolution: 0.1°

lane​Declination​Accuracy​_​deg double optional

The accuracy of the measured lane declination as it can be biased by noise in the sensors (e.g. dirt on the road, bad weather …)

Unit: Degree[°]| Range: 0..90°| Resolution: 0.1°

lane​Boundary​Type​Confidence​_​percent int32 optional

An OEM internal confidence value providing the confidence that the recognized sign type is correct.

Unit: Percent[%]| Range: 0..100%| Resolution: 1%

map​Matched​Lane​ID int64 optional

The LaneID determined by the vehicle based on map matching. When mapMatchedLaneID is provided, it is required that the mapVersion, mapProvider and mapStandard are provided in the envelope.

lane​Boundary​Recognition​Type Lane​Boundary​Recognition​Type​Enum optional

The lane boundary recognition type indicates whether a lane was detected or not. Not detecting a lane is meaningful information to report on whether lanes are no longer present.

lane​Boundary​Recognition​Change Lane​Boundary​Recognition​Change​Enum optional

The lane boundary recognition change indicates whether it was the start or the end of the lane boundary.

detected​Object​ID int64 optional

If the Sign Recognition is combined with an object Recognition, then here, the reference to the recognized object is given. The ID is unique inside of the SDII-message.

vertical​Curvature​_​1pm double optional

The vertical curvature as measured (calculated) by the vehicle at the location of the vehicle of the slope of the road. A positive value means the slope is increasing, A negative value means the slope is decreasing. In alignment of the attribute slope, an increasing slope can be a change from steep downhill to flat terrain.

Unit: per meter[1/m]| Range: -1..1/m| Resolution: 0.0001/m

vertical​Curvature​Accuracy​_​1pm double optional

The standard deviation of the vertical curvature measured by the vehicle.

Unit: per meter[1/m]| Range: -1..1/m| Resolution: 0.0001/m

lane​Boundary​Position​Reference Lane​Boundary​Position​Reference​Enum optional

The reference type for the recognized lane boundary.

lane​Boundary​Ego​Lane​Reference Lane​Boundary​Ego​Lane​Reference​Enum optional

Description of identification of a lane boundary, if the lane marking is referenced to the ego-lane or other lanes.

extension​Container Extension​Container repeated

Contains the description and byte value of an dynamic extension content, that is undefined in this Specification.