Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message MediaContainer

Contains additional media data for cloud based analysis, if additional confidence evaluation is required.

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

media​Type Media​Type​Enum required

provides the transported type of media.

media​Format string required

Contains information about the Media Format in text form.

media​Content bytes required

The data content

media​ID int64 optional

Identifies the media throughout all media contents and allows to reference a media from other events as e.g. object recognition.

sensor​Offset Position​Offset optional

Describes the relative position of the sensor providing the media information in respect to the vehicle and the vehicle reference axis.

sensor​Direction Vector​3D optional

A vector defining the direction of the sensor view in relation to the vehicle reference axis.

Unit: Radians [rad] in 3D| Range: 0..2*PI in 3D | Resolution: 0.01 rad

duration​_​s int32 optional

If the media content contains a temporal stream of information (e.g. video or audio)then the duration of the media record is contained in this attribute

Unit: Second [s] | Range: 0..86400s | Resolution: 1ms

vertical​Viewing​Angle​_​deg double optional

Vertical Viewing angle of the sensor

Unit: Degree [°] | Range: 0..360° | Resolution: 0.1°

horizontal​Viewing​Angle​_​deg double optional

Horizontal Viewing angle of the sensor

Unit: Degree [°] | Range: 0..360° | Resolution: 0.1°