Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message RoadBoundaryRecognition

Container holding information of one recognized road boundary. The Position Offset data element provides positional information relative to the vehicle for the reported road boundary. The Curvature data element is used to report road boundary curvature in case this can be detected on board.

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

position​Offset Position​Offset repeated

Describes the zero or more relative positions of the road boundary in respect to the vehicle and the vehicle reference axis.

road​Boundary​Type Road​Boundary​Type​Enum optional

Providing the type of recognized road boundary

road​Boundary​Recognition​Type Road​Boundary​Recognition​Type​Enum optional

provides the recognition type of the road boundary object

road​Boundary​Change​Type Road​Boundary​Change​Type​Enum optional
detected​Object​ID int64 optional

If the Sign Recognition is combined with an object Recognition, then here, the reference to the recognized object is given.

extension​Container Extension​Container repeated

Contains the description and byte value of an dynamic extension content, that is undefined in this Specification.