Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message RoadCondition

Road Conditions contains all information regarding the road infrastructure that is not defined in more detail in other Containers (e.g. Sign Recognition or Lane Recognition). Typically, road condition information is measured by the vehicle using on board sensors at high frequency compared to positions (e.g. 5Hz or 10Hz). Depending on the provided attribute road condition events can be provided on a “on change”-bases valid for a long road segment until next event is provided or on a “occurrence”-base only valid for the particular location of the provided event.

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

road​Roughness​Segment​Level int32 optional

This value provides the smoothness / roughness of the road along a segment. Road Roughness is provided in levels from 1 to 7. Sensor Values are highly subjective (suspension configuration, Tire pressure, vehicle type,…) and therefore more than the raw value is needed, here. A more detailed definition of roughness levels to be defined in a later version of the specification. The segment is defined by a starting point “current timestamp of the road condition event – Road Roughness Segment Duration” and an ending point “current timestamp of the Road Condition Event”. The Level is defined by the International Roughness Index

road​Roughness​Segment​Duration​_​ms int64 optional

Defines the duration since when the Road Roughness Segment Level is prevailing.

Unit: Milisecond [ms] | Range: 1..MAXms | Resolution: 1ms

Defines the length of the segment of the road where the roughness is present

Unit: Meter [m] | Range: 0..MAXm | Resolution: 1m

road​Roughness​Segment​Length​_​m int32 optional
road​Roughness​Local​Event bool optional

Defines a change in the Road Roughness that is only limited on the geometric extend and can be caused by a speed bump or a pothole. By setting this field to True, a local road roughness level temporarily overrides a prior sent “Global” road roughness segment level for the duration of setting the field.

road​Roughness​Lateral​Position Road​Roughness​Lateral​Position​Enum optional

Specifies to location of road roughness referenced to the vehicle (left and right side)

extension​Container Extension​Container repeated

Contains the description and byte value of an dynamic extension content, that is undefined in this Specification.