Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII)
Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


The identification of a door is done by this Enumeration. In case of only one door per side, the Front-door pair is used. In case of multiple doors per side, the first door is the front door, the last door is the rear door and all intermediate doors are other doors. The Engine_Door does not imply front or rear as well as the TRUNK.

Enumeration Details

  • 1 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_FRONT_LEFT References to front left door
  • 2 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_FRONT_RIGHT References to front right door
  • 3 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_REAR_LEFT References to rear left door
  • 4 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_REAR_RIGHT References to rear right door
  • 5 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_OTHER_LEFT References to other door on the left side
  • 6 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_OTHER_RIGHT References to other door on the right side
  • 10 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_TRUNK References to the trunk door of the vehicle
  • 20 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_ENGINE_DOOR References to the engine hood of the vehicle
  • 21 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_FUEL_ENTRY References to the fuel hatch
  • 22 : DOOR_IDENTIFICATION_OTHER_MAINTENANCE References to any maintenance hatch