Credentials Setup

HERE Workspace credentials are required in order to use the Data SDK for Python. You can provide your credentials using any of the following methods:

  • Default credentials
  • Environment variables
  • Credentials file

Default Credentials

  1. Go to HERE Platform Applications and Keys and register a new app.
  2. Create a key for the app and download the generated file.
  3. Place the credentials file into:

    For Linux/MacOS: $HOME/.here/

    For Windows: %USERPROFILE%\.here\

The HERE platform generated app credentials should look similar to the example below: = <example_here> = <example_here> = <example_here>
here.access.key.secret = <example_here>
here.token.endpoint.url = <example_here>


For additional information about authentication credentials, see the Identity & Access Management Guide.

Environment Variables

You can override default credentials by assigning values to the following environment variables:


Variable name: HERE_TOKEN_ENDPOINT_URL is optional.

Code snippet: platform_cred = PlatformCredentials.from_env()

Credentials File

You can specify any credentials file as an alternative to that found in .here/ An error is generated if there is no file present at the path, or if the file is not properly formatted.

Code Snippet:

platform_cred = PlatformCredentials.from_credentials_file(“<Path_to_file>”)
        platform_obj = Platform(platform_cred)

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