Packages Included with the SDK

The HERE Data SDK is divided into packages that you can install separately using either Conda or pip.

  • HERE Platform: All core operations for interacting with HERE platform catalogs, layers, projects, and schemas
  • HERE Geotiles: Support methods for tile/partition calculations using HERE tile partitioning
  • HERE Inspector: Component to visualize and inspect geospatial data from within Jupyter
  • HERE GeoPandas Adapter: Adapts the functionality of HERE Platform and HERE Geotiles for seamless use with pandas/GeoPandas data structures.

Order of Installation

If you will be using pandas/GeoPandas:

  1. Install the HERE GeoPandas Adapter. This will also install dependent packages HERE Platform and HERE Geotiles.
  2. Optionally, install HERE Inspector to add visualization support in Jupyter

If you will NOT be using pandas/GeoPandas:

  1. Install HERE Platform
  2. Optionally, install HERE Geotiles to add support for tile/partition calculations using HEREtile partitioning
  3. Optionally, install HERE Inspector to add visualization support in Jupyter


Before you can install the HERE Data SDK for Python packages, you must:

  • Create your credentials. See Credentials for information
  • Install Python 3 (version >= 3.7)
  • Install either Conda or pip


We recommend installing packages using Conda because it effectively handles GDAL and C++ dependencies. Pip installation errors related to GDAL and GeoPandas dependencies are especially common on Windows. If you must use pip on Windows, you can find advice for manually dealing with dependency problems here.

Installing with Conda

You can install Conda using either of the following methods:


  • After installing Conda, restart your terminal before executing a Conda command. This avoids a common issue where a Conda command is not recognized.
  • If you plan on installing both Conda and pip, install Conda first.
  • If you have installed Conda, then pip should already be installed. Use the following commands to check if pip is installed:
  • $ python -m pip --version (Unix/macOS)
  • C:\> py -m pip --version (Windows)

Install Packages Using Conda

Below are commands for installing each package using Conda:

HERE Platform

Installation:conda install -c conda-forge -c here-platform=2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.platform"

HERE Geotiles

Installation:conda install -c conda-forge -c here-geotiles=2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.geotiles"

HERE Inspector

Installation:conda install -c conda-forge -c here-inspector=2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.inspector"

HERE GeoPandas Adapter

Installation:conda install -c conda-forge -c here-geopandas-adapter=2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.geopandas_adapter"

Installing with pip

Install Packages Using pip

Below are commands for installing each package using pip:

HERE Platform

Installation:pip install --extra-index-url here-platform==2.0.1

Verfication:python -c "import here.platform"

HERE Geotiles

Installation:pip install --extra-index-url here-geotiles==2.0.1

Verfication:python -c "import here.geotiles"

HERE Inspector

Installation:pip install --extra-index-url here-inspector==2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.inspector"

HERE GeoPandas Adapter

Installation:pip install --extra-index-url here-geopandas-adapter==2.0.1

Verification:python -c "import here.geopandas_adapter"

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