The HERE Data SDK for Python is divided into packages that you can install using either conda or pip.

  • HERE Platform: All core operations for interacting with HERE platform catalogs, layers, projects, and schemas (package name: here-platform).
  • HERE Geotiles: Support methods for tile/partition calculations using HERE tile partitioning (here-geotiles).
  • HERE GeoPandas Adapter: Adapts the functionality of HERE platform and HERE Geotiles for seamless use with Pandas/GeoPandas data structures (here-geopandas-adapter).
  • HERE Content: Content bindings that enable you to more easily extract and manipulate HERE Map Content layers (here-content).
  • HERE Inspector: Component to visualize and inspect geospatial data from in Jupyter notebooks (here-inspector).

System Requirements

To install and use all packages above, minimum values for available disk space and installed memory are

  • 100 MB available disk space
  • 2 GB RAM


Make sure you have the following before you install the SDK packages:

  • Python, version 3.8 or higher.
  • One of these installers: conda or pip.
  • Some familiarity with managing Python environments (highly recommended).

Managing your Python working environment is important for professional software development but outside the scope of this documentation. You can have a look at this overview on venv, pipenv and others and this specific one on conda. Detailed, official conda documentation on managing environments and packages is also very useful.

Conda comes with any Anaconda distribution of Python or a minimal bootstrap version of it named Miniconda. Pip is included with Python versions 3.4 or later.


We recommend installing packages using conda because it effectively handles GDAL and C++ dependencies. Pip installation errors related to GDAL and GeoPandas dependencies are especially common on Windows. If you must use pip on Windows, you can find advice for manually dealing with dependency problems here.

Note 1

If you use Windows and installed miniconda with the Windows installer from we suggest you to use the Windows PowerShell to activate conda environments. On the command line of Windows PowerShell please run the following command:

C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3\shell\condabin\conda-hook.ps1; conda activate 'C:\ProgramData\Miniconda3'

Now you can use conda command as usual.

Note 2

Do not install HERE Data SDK for Python in the conda base environment. Create a new or activate an existing environment before installing.

Note 3

There exists a package here (see which is not part of HERE Data SDK for Python nor HERE Global B.V. has anything to do with it. This package interferes with the installation of HERE Data SDK for Python packages. Please make sure you don't have this package installed.

You can check if you have this here package installed by running e.g.

  • pip show here
  • conda list here

You should remove this here package by running e.g.

  • pip uninstall here
  • conda remove here

To use the SDK after the installation you also need to create your credentials on the HERE platform. For more information, see Credentials.

Installing Packages with Conda

You can install all SDK packages together with conda using the following syntax:

conda install -c conda-forge -c here-platform=2.20.0 here-geotiles=2.20.0 here-geopandas-adapter=2.20.0 here-content=2.20.0 here-inspector=2.20.0

You can also install only individual packages by using the relevant section of command above, e.g.

conda install -c conda-forge -c here-platform=2.20.0 here-content=2.20.0

It's always preferred to install the needed packages at once, with one single command.

Installing Packages with Pip

You can install all SDK packages together with pip using the following syntax:

pip install --extra-index-url here-platform==2.20.0 here-geotiles==2.20.0 here-geopandas-adapter==2.20.0 here-content==2.20.0 here-inspector==2.20.0

You can also install only individual packages by using the relevant section of command above, e.g.

pip install --extra-index-url here-platform==2.20.0 here-content==2.20.0

It's always preferred to install the needed packages at once, with one single command.

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