Tutorials and Examples

As a companion to this Developer Guide, we encourage you to download the collection of tutorial notebooks and examples. These demonstrate how to leverage the SDK for Python in common usage scenarios.

To download, click this link and save the .zip file locally. The files contained in the archive are:

Example Name File Name Description Required HERE Packages
Process SDII Data ProcessSDIIData_platform.ipynb Read and perform basic exploratory analysis on archived and streaming SDII data HERE Platform, HERE Geotiles
Process SDII Data Using GeoPandas ProcessSDIIData_geopandas.ipynb Read and perform basic exploratory analysis on archived and streaming SDII data using GeoPandas HERE Geopandas Adapter
Functional Class and Curvature Analysis FunctionalClassCurvatureAnalysis_hmc.ipynb Extract, analyze, and visualize data from HERE Map Content layers HERE Geopandas Adapter, HERE Content, HERE Inspector
Explore Inspector Functions ExploreInspector.ipynb Become familiar with Inspector functionality and usage patterns HERE Geopandas Adapter, HERE Inspector
Work with Interactive Map Layers InteractiveMapLayersIntro.ipynb Demonstrate interaction with Interactive Map layers HERE Platform, HERE Inspector
Visualize Data VisualizeOMA.ipynb Analyze and visualize multiple data sets together using Inspector package HERE Geopandas Adapter, HERE Inspector
Convert Notebook to Voila Dashboard ConvertNotebook_VoilaDashboard.ipynb Convert notebook to an interactive dashboard using Voila HERE Platform, HERE Geotiles, HERE Inspector
Convert Python Code to Plotly Dash Dashboard plotlydash_dashboard.py Convert Python code to an interactive dashboard using Plotly Dash open source version HERE Geopandas Adapter


To execute notebooks, you must use either Jupyter Notebook or JupyterLab.

Using Voilà and Plotly Dash

  • Voilà is a thin layer built on top of Jupyter Notebooks allowing them to be converted into stand-alone dashboard applications. Refer to the Voila documentation for instructions on installing and using Voilà to convert your notebooks into simple interactive dashboards.
  • Plotly Dash is a Python framework for building ML and Data Science dashboards and web applications. It offers more sophisticated capabilities than Voilà, including scalability and the option to include JavaScript and HTML. Refer to the Dash documentation for details.

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