Usage Guide

The structure of this Usage Guide roughly follows the package and module structure of the SDK itself. Functionality provided by the core here-platform package is covered first, followed by sections for the optional packages. Code fragments are provided which illustrate syntax and common usage patterns. In all cases, you should refer to the API documentation for details and additional methods not covered.

In addition to this User Guide, it is recommended to download the Tutorials and Examples for guidance.

Key Concepts

Interactions with the HERE platform fall into a conceptual hierarchy:

  • Platform Operations
    • Configured access to the HERE platform
    • Create/Manage/Access catalogs
    • Create/Manage/Access projects
  • Catalog Operations
    • Retrieve basic catalog information
    • Manage catalog permissions
    • Add or remove layers from a catalog
    • Write to multiple layers in a catalog simultaneously
  • Layer Operations
    • Read and decode data from a layer
    • Encode and write data to a layer
  • Service Operations
    • Invoke REST API of HERE services

Layer read/write operations can be "adapted"

  • When creating a Platform instance it will be endowed with default adapter that understands how to decode/encode various content types and/or schemas.
  • If you are working with a format that is not yet covered (see Supported formats table) you will want to set decode or encode parameters to False when reading/writing data and handle the format encoding yourself.
  • Using the Geopandas Adapter allows for creation of (Geo)DataFrames with columns based on content read and publishing of (Geo)DataFrame content directly to a layer.
  • Content bindings inherit and override the default adapter to provide hassle-free interaction with specific content schemas.

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