Work with cache

When you create the OlpClientSettings instance, an in-memory cache is automatically created with the default capacity of 2 MB. You can set new cache capacity as well as get the current cache capacity and size.

To work with cache:

  1. Create the OlpClientSettings instance.

    For instructions, see Create platform client settings.

  2. Get the LRU cache instance.

     const cache = settings.cache;
  3. Do one of the following:

    • To get the maximum cache capacity, call the getCapacity method.


      You receive the total amount of memory that can be consumed by the cache in MB.

    • To get the current cache size, call the getSize method.


      You receive the total size of all the objects in the cache in MB.

    • To change the cache capacity, call the setCapacity method with the new capacity in MB.

      Note: If the new capacity is smaller than the current cache size, all items are evicted until the cache shrinks to the specified capacity.

        cache.setCapacity("new cache capacity in MB");

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