This chapter explains the main concepts that you need to be familiar with to efficiently use the location services hosted on the HERE platform:

Data Processing Model

To efficiently work with , you need to understand how data is structured, stored, and processed in the HERE platform:

  • Catalogs are used for storing data.
  • Schemas are used to define the organization of data in each partition of a layer, including the structure of the data and its content.
  • Pipelines are used for producing diversely sourced data that is further stored in catalogs.
  • Location services are used for enriching data and exposing it to consumers through REST API.

HERE Resource Names

A HERE Resource Name (HRN) is a unique identifier for platform resources such as location services, catalogs, schemas, and pipelines. Given below is an example of the HRN of the Search - Autosuggest location service:


The HRN is generated by the HERE platform when the resource is created. Its structure can vary, so you should not try to parse HRNs or infer any meaning from them. Once a resource is created, you cannot change the resource's HRN.

Location Services

To gain more insight into how a platform-hosted location service works, see the diagram below:

Location Service Overview
Figure 1. Location Service Overview

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