Get Credentials

You need to get your platform credentials and obtain an access token so that your client application authenticates with the HERE platform.

Before you can get your credentials, you need to create an app in the HERE platform portal. An app is an application that accesses platform data and services via the REST API or one of the libraries. and here.access.key.secret constitute your platform credentials and are generated for the app that you create in the HERE platform portal. You can then download these credentials from the portal as a file. The snippet below illustrates an example of the file: = HERE-88966c94-aaf1-4ae2-e4y6-6516b3f9a6c7 = mzLcb1rB8nskvDQpCBBO = BELEUUk45QdaYGgZ9A_ITMA
here.access.key.secret = 108lI7w9m8G_6sIw9kng-PXGoeHQQ-cv6xByNOuMcRYixZZp...
here.token.endpoint.url =

For detailed instructions on how to obtain your platform credentials, see the Get Credentials chapter of the Teams and Permissions User Guide.

Once you get your file, you can proceed to the next chapter to obtain your access token.

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