Exclusions and Limitations

The SLA does not apply to:

  • Data quality, freshness or other data guarantees other than the ability to read it as described above
  • New Data or Pipeline API operation requests that were configured in workflows and started during operation downtimes
  • APIs and Operations not covered in this document
  • HERE Platform China
  • HERE Location Services for South Korea and mainland China
  • Equipment or functionality, e.g., internet connectivity, underlying cloud infrastructure, which is outside of the sole control of HERE
  • Incidents created by Customer error or omission
  • Use which does not comply with HERE specifications or the Agreement, or Force Majeure events
  • A malicious service disruption caused by third parties

HERE will make commercially reasonable efforts to protect its assets and services against threats and attacks that could impact Service Availability. In case of a large-scale attack, HERE might not be able to maintain Service Availability at expected levels, and reserves the right to claim such an event as non-SLA impacting.

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