Incident Management

When applicable based on the customer's support plan (see Support Plans), customers receive Incident Support.

In the event the Customer identifies any unplanned event affecting standard operations which causes or may cause an interruption to or reduction in the quality (“Incident”), the Customer will notify HERE via the Support Portal.

HERE will provide acknowledgement and resolution of incident reports, with commitment times depending on the incident priority.


  • Acknowledgment, measured as incident response time, is the difference in time between when the customer notifies HERE, and the time HERE responds with an incident number.
  • Resolution, measured as incident resolution time, is considered the elapsed time from the creation for the incident ticket to incident resolution.
  • A priority 1 incident is characterized as a wide interruption of availability that makes a core functionality wholly inaccessible, or an interruption causing a severe impact on the standard operation and the urgency of resolution is time critical.
  • A priority 2 incident is characterized as a widespread interruption causing a core functionality to become degraded or interrupted, causing a moderate impact on the standard operation.
  • A priority 3 incident is characterized as a low impact degradation or reduction of non-core functionality of one or more service(s) where the urgency is low. Priority 3 Incidents do not materially Impact the Availability of the HERE platform.

Incident Commitments

Incident Priority Response Commitment Resolution Commitment
Priority 1 < 15 minutes < 120 minutes
Priority 2 < 15 minutes < 240 minutes
Priority 3 < 120 minutes < 5 business days

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