RPS Capacity Planning

RPS means Requests per second to the service, which is calculated as an average number of Requests during a period of 5 minutes.

Customer is responsible for notifying HERE via the Support Portal, 60 days in advance of changes in usage such as maximum RPS increasing more than 25% of the previous 60 days maximum RPS during the term of the Agreement.

With this estimation, both Parties will use commercially reasonable efforts to prepare for the required customer capacity. If the maximum RPS either exceeds by 40% of the previous 60 days maximum RPS or the Customer’s 60-day RPS estimation, then HERE will not be in breach of, or be liable for penalties of, performance or availability targets specified in any part of the Agreement. In addition, if said maximum RPS is exceeded by any amount and there is risk to the Services and/or to other HERE customers, those customers within contractual limits will have their requests prioritized.

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