Street Level Imagery API

Street Level Imagery API Developer's Guide

Street Level Coverage

The Street Level Imagery API provides two types of street level imagery: 1st Generation and 2nd Generation for the following regions: USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Middle East (MEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC). The 1st Generation imagery covers 126 cities. The 2nd Generation imagery covers 39 cities.

Going forward only 2nd Generation imagery will be collected and published. Note that the actual SLI coverage for a given city depends on the data that is collected. This means that certain cities may have more intense coverage compared to others.
Table 1. Street Level Coverage Ordered by City
City Administrative Area Region Generation
Ajman UAE MEA 2nd
Albany NY USA 1st
Albuquerque NM USA 1st
Allentown PA USA 1st
Amarillo TX USA 1st
Ankara Turkey MEA 2nd
Atlanta GA USA 2nd
Augusta GA USA 1st
Austin TX USA 2nd
Bakersfield CA USA 1st
Baltimore MD USA 2nd
Barcelona ES Europe 1st
Bath-Bristol UK Europe 1st
Baton Rouge LA USA 1st
Birmingham UK Europe 1st
Birmingham AL USA 1st
Bogota Colombia South America 2nd
Boise ID USA 1st
Boston MA USA 2nd
Bournemouth UK Europe 1st
Bridgeport CT USA 1st
Buenos Aires Argentina South America 2nd
Brisbane QLD Australia 2nd
Buffalo NY USA 1st
Cape Coral-Ft Myers FL USA 1st
Cardiff UK Europe 1st
Charlotte NC USA 1st
Chicago IL USA 2nd
Cincinnati OH USA 1st
Cleveland OH USA 1st
Colorado Springs CO USA 1st
Columbia SC USA 1st
Columbus OH USA 1st
Corpus Christi TX USA 1st
Coventry UK Europe 1st
Curitiba Brazil South America 2nd
Dallas TX USA 2nd
Dayton OH USA 1st
Daytona Beach FL USA 1st
Denver CO USA 1st
Des Moines IA USA 1st
Detroit MI USA 1st
Dubai UAE MEA 2nd
Durham NC USA 1st
Edinburgh UK Europe 1st
El Paso TX USA 1st
Erie PA USA 1st
Eugene OR USA 1st
Fargo ND USA 1st
Frederick MD USA 1st
Fresno CA USA 1st
Ft Worth TX USA 1st
Fujairah UAE MEA 2nd
Gainesville FL USA 1st
Galveston TX USA 1st
Glasgow UK Europe 1st
Grand Rapids MI USA 1st
Green Bay WI USA 1st
Greenville SC USA 1st
Harrisburg PA USA 1st
Hartford CT USA 1st
Helsinki FI Europe 1st
Houston TX USA 2nd
Indianapolis IN USA 1st
Izmir Turkey MEA 2nd
Jackson MS USA 1st
Jacksonville FL USA 1st
Kansas City MO USA 2nd
Knoxville TN USA 1st
Las Cruces NM USA 1st
Las Vegas NV USA 2nd
Lincoln NE USA 1st
Little Rock AR USA 1st
Liverpool UK Europe 1st
London UK Europe 1st
Long Beach CA USA 1st
Los Angeles CA USA 2nd
Louisville KY USA 1st
Lubbock TX USA 1st
Lyon FR Europe 1st
Madison WI USA 1st
Madrid ES Europe 1st
Manchester UK Europe 1st
Manchester NH USA 1st
Marseilles FR Europe 1st
Memphis TN USA 1st
Melbourne VIC Australia 2nd
Miami-Ft Lauderdale FL USA 2nd
Milwaukee WI USA 1st
Minneapolis-St Paul MN USA 1st
Mobile AL USA 1st
Montgomery AL USA 1st
Montreal QC Canada 2nd
Moorhead MN USA 1st
Nancy FR Europe 1st
Nashville TN USA 1st
New Orleans LA USA 1st
New York NY USA 2nd
Newark-Jersey City NJ USA 1st
Norfolk VA USA 1st
Oklahoma City OK USA 1st
Oakland-Berkeley CA USA 2nd
Ocala FL USA 1st
Odessa-Midland TX USA 1st
Omaha NE USA 1st
Orange Co CA USA 1st
Orlando FL USA 1st
Oxnard-Ventura CA USA 1st
Palm City FL USA 1st
Paris FR Europe 1st
Paso Co FL USA 1st
Pensacola FL USA 1st
Phoenix AZ USA 1st
Philadelphia PA USA 2nd
Pittsburgh PA USA 1st
Portland ME USA 1st
Portland OR USA 1st
Providence RI USA 1st
Provo UT USA 1st
Raleigh NC USA 1st
Ras Al Khaimah UAE MEA 2nd
Reno NV USA 1st
Richmond VA USA 1st
Rochester NY USA 1st
Sacramento CA USA 1st
Salt Lake City UT USA 1st
San Antonio TX USA 1st
San Diego CA USA 2nd
San Francisco CA USA 2nd
San Jose CA USA 2nd
Santa Fe NM USA 1st
Sarasota FL USA 1st
Schenectady NY USA 1st
Scranton PA USA 1st
Seattle WA USA 2nd
Sharjah UAE MEA 2nd
Singapore Singapore APAC 2nd
Sydney NSW Australia 2nd
Slidell LA USA 1st
South Bend IN USA 1st
Spokane WA USA 1st
Springdale AR USA 1st
Springfield MA USA 1st
St Augustine FL USA 1st
St Louis MO USA 2nd
St Lucie Co FL USA 1st
Stockton CA USA 1st
Taipei + New Taipei City Taiwan APAC 2nd
Tampa-St Petersburg FL USA 1st
Tampere FI Europe 1st
Toledo OH USA 1st
Topeka KS USA 1st
Toronto ON Canada 2nd
Tucson AZ USA 1st
Tulsa OK USA 1st
Turku FI Europe 1st
Umm Al Quwain UAE MEA 2nd
Vancouver BC Canada 2nd
Waco TX USA 1st
Washington DC USA 2nd
Wichita KS USA 1st
Wilkes-Barre PA USA 1st
Winston-Salem NC USA 1st
Winter Haven FL USA 1st
Worcester MA USA 1st