The Attributes panel displays the individual styling properties and associated data conditions of your selected layer. Attributes define how a layer's data is displayed (styled) in the map. Attributes can have static values, such as a single color for water polygons, or a gradual change of values across zoom levels, such as for Place label sizes. Attributes represent your base style values. These values can be overwritten when you apply changes to Modifiers.

Attribute panel

Editing attribute values

Attribute values

Attribute values are applied to an entire layer. When an attribute contains multiple data conditions, a list of separate values is displayed for each condition. For example, opening the Color attribute under the Landuse polygon layer will reveal separate color values assigned to each Landuse condition such as park, university, and hospital.

Modify attribute values

The button to the right of an attribute value allows you to switch the input type. Choose between Single Value or the Zoom Level editor.

Single Value

Define a static value for the attribute. For color values, HEX, RGB and HSV are supported along with transparency amount.

Zoom Level

Create changes to the property based on map zoom level. For information on zoom level based styling, see the Style by Zoom Level section.

Copy values

Use the options menu to the right of the input button to copy and paste values between attributes.

Filter attributes

You can filter the Attributes panel by clicking directly on the map to select the layer you want to edit, or by entering a name in the search field at the top of the panel. For more information, see the Filter attributes section.

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