Explore the Interface

The Style Editor interface is made up of collapsible panels on the left, which contain the styling controls for the map layers and corresponding attributes.

Style Editor interface
Figure 1. Style Editor interface


The panels can be opened from the sidebar.

  • Modifiers - Simplified controls to override common style attributes. Easily apply changes over the entire map style using presets and non-destructive adjustments. For more information, see the Modifiers section.

  • Attributes - The Attributes panel provides more detailed controls for the properties and data sub-conditions of a selected layer, including zoom level control. For more information, see the Attributes section.

  • Layers - The data sources that correspond to the selected map style. For more information, see the Layers section.


This shows the interactive map with the currently active map style.

  • MapView Controls - Search for locations, save camera positions, zoom, tilt and reset the compass. For more information, see MapView Controls.
  • File

    • New - Start a new map style.
    • Open / Save - Load a map style or save a Style Editor file. Use this option for keeping the non-destructive changes active in the Modifiers panel.
    • Duplicate - Create a copy of your currently active map style.
    • Export - Export a custom map style for use in your SDK or Maps API for JavaScript application. For more information, see Save and export.
  • Edit - Undo or Redo changes, or reset your style to its original state.

  • Help - View legal notices, version information, and access the user guide.

  • Styles - Access your currently loaded styles, or start a new style.

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