The Layers panel lists the data sources included in the active map style.

Layers are made up of multiple categories, separated by techniques. A technique defines how a data source is drawn on the map, such as line for roads and polygon for landuse areas.

The icons next to the layer names represent the technique being used to draw the layer. You can filter the layers list using the corresponding buttons at the top of the panel.

Several layers are grouped by data source. Click the dropdown arrow or double-click the layer name to reveal its grouped categories.

Layers panel

Layers panel

Layer types

  • Buildings - Extruded buildings, footprints, building name labels and house numbers
  • Landuse - Polygons and labels for areas such as parks, universities and forests
  • Roads - Transportation layers such as highways, railways, and ferries
  • Water - Polygon, lines and labels for water layers
  • Places Labels - Labels for major and minor cities, towns, and neighborhoods
  • POI - Labels for points of interest such as airports, museums, and tourist attractions
  • Boundaries - Border lines for countries, states, and regions
  • Earth Labels - Labels for islands and continents


HERE SDK - POI label colors
SDK Navigate
The following POI categories can be styled from the Attributes panel, but will currently not appear in the mapview in Style Editor:

  • Accommodation
  • Automotive
  • Eat & Drink
  • Shopping

Note that this affects the Style Editor mapview only. HERE SDK Navigate applications will still contain all POI categories, and the styling performed in the Attributes panel on those categories will still be exported. This POI disparity in the mapview will be addressed in a future release of the Style Editor.

SDK Explore
For SDK Explore applications, the categories listed above do not appear in the mapview.

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