Map Styles

HERE Style Editor is pre-loaded with a set of default base map styles created by HERE. These serve as the basis for your custom styles.

The currently available default styles are Day and Night.

Day Night

HERE Day and Night base styles

Start a custom map style

When first starting the application, the setup page allows you to give your style a name and select one of the default HERE base styles to begin customizing.

Loaded map styles

In the main application UI, the Styles dropdown menu above the MapView allows you to do the following:

  • Rename your styles
  • Duplicate a style
  • Delete a style
  • Load a different custom map style or start a new one

Note that changes you make in your active style remain stored in your local cache when switching to other styles.

Reset a style

Click Edit > Revert to Original to discard all style changes you have made to the active map style and reset it back to its original state.

Save a style

For information on saving your custom map styles, see Save and export.

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