Use MapView controls

This topic describes how to use the MapView controls.


Search for places

To search for locations to center the map on, type in the location you're looking for and choose one of the listed auto suggestions.

Save a list of places you commonly search for by using Camera bookmarks.

Camera bookmarks

Camera bookmarks allow you to save MapView camera positions so that you can quickly jump between different locations on the map.

To save a camera position, follow these steps:

  1. When you're in a view you would like to save, click the Bookmark button to open the panel.

  2. Click Add to save your current view, and enter a name for it.

  3. After typing in a name, press Enter on your keyboard to save the view to a custom list. The bookmark list is alphabetically sorted.

    • Click the names in the list to move the map camera to those locations.
    • Edit the bookmark names or remove them from the list by clicking edit or delete when hovering your mouse.

Export bookmarks

You can export your custom camera bookmarks using the options menu in the bookmarks pop-up. This downloads a JSON file containing your custom camera positions that you can import into the Style Editor.

Map settings

  • Use Coordinates to specify latitude and longitude for the MapView camera view point.
  • Use the Language menu to check the display of map labels in other languages (where data is available.) The default option is set to use the local language. Note that the label display language is not saved or exported as it is not part of the map style.
  • When picking a layer from the map, enabling the Data Properties option displays the underlying data content for the selected map layer. For more information regarding the map content, see the HERE Vector Tile API.
  • Click Take Screenshot to download a PNG of your current MapView.

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