Modifiers are powerful, non-destructive functions that allow you to easily apply changes over the entire map style. Modifiers allow you to make iterative styling overrides while still having the ability to maintain finer control over individual layers in the Attributes.

The Modifiers represent the most common style attributes grouped by category, while the Attributes panel contains all available styling options per each selected Layer.

Modifiers panel

Modifiers panel

Modifier Types

Modifiers Description
Groups The modifiers below target select layers and attributes
ROADS Override styling for each of the street classes for all zoom levels. Includes fill and outline colors, label colors and line widths.
LANDUSE Background and landuse fill colors. The most common categories are represented here, with more options available directly within the Landuse layers.
WATER Set the color for all water fills and labels.
BUILDINGS Set the color for the buildings layer.
POI Adjust styling for POI labels.
PLACES Adjust label styling for localities such as major cities and neighborhoods.
BOUNDARIES Style state and country boundaries.
- -
Adjustments The modifiers below affect all layers of the base style
COLOR TONE Blend in a color with the high, mid, and low color values of the map style. Try modifying the high or mid tones on a lighter map style, and use the mid and low tones on a dark map style.
HUE/SATURATION Adjust the overall hue, saturation, and value of the map style.
BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST Increase or decrease the brightness and darkness of colors to affect the contrast between layers.

For information on using Modifiers, see Modifier usage.

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