Save and export

This topic describes how to save and export map styles.

Local Cache

The Style Editor uses your local browser cache for storing and retrieving map style information. This cache is updated continuously as you make styling changes.

Each time the Style Editor application is launched, it pulls the previous session information from the cache.


You should create a backup of your style at the end of each session. Click File > Save.

Save a Style Editor file

You can save your style for future iteration inside of the Style Editor. This option maintains the non-destructive state of the Modifiers panel.

  • Click File > Save and specify a folder in which to save your active style as a Style Editor-specific scheme (zip) file.
  • Click File > Open, and the style loads with your changes still active in the Modifiers panel.

Export a map style

To export a custom style for your application, click File > Export Map Style. This file can be imported back into the Style Editor using File > Open.

This exports the JSON stylesheet needed to load your custom map style in your app. Note that the style is exported as WYSIWYG, so any modifiers that are visibly active are automatically applied to the exported style.

For steps on loading your custom style in your application, see:

Export format

The JSON stylesheet exported from the Style Editor contains only the changes made to the backing HERE base style. This means the exported style is not tied to any specific SDK or Maps API for JavaScript version (beyond the initial supported versions; SDK 4.12.1, Maps API for JavaScript

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