The Configuration section contains a list of settings which can be used to tweak the algorithm's default behaviour.


This setting defines various parameters for additional optimizations.


The traffic setting configures what kind of traffic information should be considered for routing:

  • liveOrHistorical: for departure times in the future, either live or historical traffic data are applied depending on how far in the future the departure time is. For departure times in the past, only historical traffic data are applied. The departure time of a vehicle type can be configured via the vehicle profile's optional departureTime property. In case this property is omitted when defining a vehicle profile, the earliest shift start time of all vehicle types sharing that same vehicle profile is used as that profile's departure time. Choose this setting if all locations are within a radius of 190 km and you want to use live traffic data whenever possible.
  • historicalOnly: only free-flow speeds based on historical traffic data are applied. Choose this setting if you want to avoid live traffic data usage.
  • automatic: the same as liveOrHistorical, if all coordinates are within a radius of 190 km, otherwise the same as historicalOnly. Choose this setting if you want the service to decide automatically what is the best option.

Default value is automatic.

Waiting time

The waitingTime setting configures departure time optimization, which reduces waiting time. This property specifies a minimum buffer time we want to keep before a time window ends.

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