The following highlights give a short summary of the most important functionality:

  • up to 250 job tasks and 35 vehicle types for synchronous request flow
  • up to 3000 job tasks and 150 vehicle types for asynchronous request flow
  • relationship between jobs and vehicles
  • max distance/time constraints
  • multi-dimension demand/capacity
  • cost: fixed, time, distance
  • different vehicle types and profiles
  • single or multiple time windows
  • vehicle/job skills
  • service time
  • vehicle breaks
  • same day planning
  • pick up and delivery jobs
  • job clustering
  • vehicle/job territories
  • multiple shifts per vehicle
  • support alternative places for a job task
  • Support for avoid street features (e.g. toll road), areas, street segments, zones, zone categories, zone identifiers and truck road types in routing calculations
  • Support for job task ordering
  • Support for vehicle reloading
  • Support for objectives to control what is to be optimized
  • Support for maximum number of stops
  • Support for light truck option
  • Support for bus and private bus profiles
  • VehicleIds array in vehicle type
  • Support for speed cap option

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