New Features

The following lists contain new features in the current release of Tour Planning.

Release 3.21.0 (Latest)

  • Support for disabled traffic mode on vehicle profile level
  • Support for speedCap parameter in vehicle profile options for car, truck and scooter

Release 3.20.0

  • Vehicle-dependent stop base duration feature
  • Support for speedFactor in vehicle type

Release 3.19.0

  • Allow controlling departure time optimization offset with timeOffset property on vehicle shift start

Release 3.18.0

  • Support for vehicleIds array in vehicle type

Release 3.17.0

  • Support for new optimizeTaskOrder objective
  • Support for bus and private bus profiles

Release 3.16.0

  • Support for new objectives: minimizeDistance, minimizeDuration

Release 3.15.0

  • Support for light truck option
  • Distance from start of tour to each stop

Release 3.14.0

  • Support maximum number of stops
  • Support objectives
  • Support name hint attribute in location

Release 3.13.0

  • Support avoid polygon areas
  • Support side of a street
  • New cluster service time strategy boundedSumStrategy

Release 3.12.0

  • Vehicle reloading

Release 3.10.0

  • Support for selecting the routing mode (fast, short) for car profile

Release 3.9.0

  • Support for job task ordering by introducing the order

Release 3.8.0

  • Support for avoid street features (e.g. toll road), areas, street segments, zones, zone categories, zone identifiers and truck road types in routing calculations.

Release 3.7.0

  • Support territories in alternative places for a job task.

Release 3.6

  • Support alternative places for a job task. Up to three alternative locations are supported.

Release 3.5

  • Support territories for complex jobs with multiple tasks

Release 3.4

  • Support for multiple vehicle shifts. Up to seven non-overlapping vehicle shifts are supported.

Release 3.3

  • Support for territory planning where vehicles can be restricted to serve jobs in specific territories. A vehicle can serve different territories with different priorities and can be configured to stick to its territories only or to serve other territories, with lower priority, if other constraints allow.

Release 3.2

  • Support for exclusion of specific country codes in ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 format from the tour planning.

Release 3.1

  • Support for clustering jobs, i.e. grouping of similar jobs into one or several job clusters, in order to ensure that they are assigned to the same stop if feasible and thus are served together. The customerId property can be used to group jobs for the same customer into the same cluster(s) if possible.

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