Traffic TPEG API Developer's Guide

Corridor example for getmessages

All getmessages requests must be preceded by an initsession request (which contains the Getmessage URL) and must be encrypted as described in Get started. The following request body shows a request for traffic information along a corridor defined by a series of seven points:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <loc lat="48.13302" lon="11.59222"/>
    <loc lat="48.13404" lon="11.59562"/>
    <loc lat="48.13584" lon="11.59788"/>
    <loc lat="48.13824" lon="11.59885"/>
    <loc lat="48.14059" lon="11.60004"/>
    <loc lat="48.14284" lon="11.60132"/>
    <loc lat="48.14511" lon="11.60206"/>

Corridor response limitations

The following limitations apply when working with corridor responses:
  • There is no limit on the corridor length.
  • When the requested corridor length exceeds 100 KM, all the flow items within 100KM and incidents up to 1000KM length are served and the rest are ignored.
  • Corridor width is set via the Radius parameter in the initsession, and can be from 1 km to 10 km. By default the service uses 10 km as the Corridor Width.