Cloud-to-cloud connection

HERE Tracking is a hardware-agnostic platform. As such, it can be used by any hardware that produces conforming telemetry. There are many scenarios, however, where a direct connection between the device and HERE Tracking is not possible. Examples include scenarios with proprietary hardware which implements a proprietary protocol, a proprietary network stack or non-IP connectivity.

For these scenarios HERE Tracking supports cloud-to-cloud connectivity. The device sends its data to an external service or network endpoint, that data is converted into the HERE Tracking format and forwarded on to HERE Tracking.

Virtual devices

When using an indirect connection to HERE Tracking, it is no longer necessary to embed a deviceId and deviceSecret into the physical device. The connection between the hardware and the cloud it contacts directly may be authenticated and authorized by any means, including a proprietary mechanism.

Virtual devices are defined by the combination of appId and externalId instead of the standard trackingId but inside HERE Tracking, virtual devices and physical devices are identical.

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