Using Indoor Tracking

To be able to track devices indoors, you need to enable Indoor Positioning for your Tracking project by adding indoor maps to the project.

Indoor positioning is based on HERE Venue Maps. The indoor maps for your project can be managed with HERE Indoor Radio Mapper. Instructions for using HERE Indoor Radio Mapper are provided in Indoor Positioning tools page.

After the indoor maps have been added to your project, the devices in your project will automatically use Indoor Positioning for the areas covered by indoor maps.


Access to HERE Venue Maps

HERE Public Venue Maps are available in HERE Indoor Radio Mapper by default for easy access.

To deploy a new HERE Private Venue Map, the map needs to be created and then deployed to your Tracking project by HERE. For creating a new Private Venue Map, the following venue information is needed:

  • Venue name
  • Venue address or latitude and longitude coordinates for aligning the venue with the geographic coordinate system
  • Floorplans with floor numbers
  • Instructions on the required level of detail especially if there are details in the floorplan which are not needed in the Venue Map

Contact your HERE sales representative for more detailed information and support on this.

Rendering the Venue Maps in a Web application

The Venues section in HERE Maps Developer Guide has an example code on how to render Venue Maps in your Web Application.

Your Tracking project API keys for accessing the HERE Venue Maps APIs can be managed in Admin Portal under 'REST/Javascript' section.

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