Get started

This section outlines how to get started quickly using the Tracking API. The Tracking API is an Application Programming Interface providing a programmatic access to the Tracking backend platform.

  1. Get a HERE account
  2. Create a Tracking project
  3. Get an OAuth token
  4. Send a request
  5. Next steps


All users of HERE APIs must obtain HERE authentication credentials. Then use these credentials to obtain an OAuth token. The credentials are assigned per user.

Get a HERE account

You can get started with a free HERE account. For more information, see the HERE platform. Alternatively, if your company has already established a HERE platform organization, contact your organization admin who can invite you to join your company's organization.

Create a Tracking project

To start using Tracking API, you need to have a Tracking project. Contact us to create your Tracking project.


Currently, there's no self-onboarding in HERE Tracking.

Get an OAuth token

Any request to the Tracking API needs to be authorized by providing a valid OAuth token. An OAuth token is obtained from a dedicated authentication endpoint. In the Tracking API, there are separate authentication endpoints for users and for devices.

  • Users get a User OAuth token from the /users/v2/login endpoint by authenticating themselves with email and password.
  • Devices get a Device OAuth token from the /v2/token endpoint by authenticating themselves with deviceId and deviceSecret.

Device OAuth token is needed for Ingestion API only. For further information, see Ingestion.

To learn more about Authentication options, see Authentication.

Send a request

The example below shows how to use the /health endpoint:

Bearer token
curl -X GET ''

If the service is up and running, the response will contain the following message:

    "message": "healthy"

Next steps

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