Notifications is a way to get notified whenever a new event is triggered. User can get notified via email or webhook. For email notifications the email is sent to the verified HERE Account email address. You can manage your HERE Account email address in

To get notified only about the most important events, user can subscribe notifications using some combination of ruleId, eventSource and eventType filters. For example, if the user would want to get notified when their devices' battery is too low, they can subscribe notification with filters eventSource = battery and eventType = BELOW_RANGE. If the user is interested in a specific geofence and want to get immediately notified if any of their device goes inside the geofence, the user can subscribe a notification with filters ruleId = 'the-id-of-your-geofence' and eventType = INSIDE_GEOFENCE.

In order to get notified, there must be some geofences sensor rules or rules defined and associated to a device.

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