Any user of the Tracking API must be a member of a Tracking project. Tracking projects are created via the Admin Portal. Projects group devices and resources to facilitate billing and user management.

Multiple users can be granted access to a single project. The project access rights and permissions can be managed by assigning different roles to its members:

  • Project Admin is a user who has all the permissions and access to all the resources in the project.
  • Tracking Operator has similar access rights as the Project Admin, except that he cannot manage the project users (for example, he cannot add or remove users). Also, the Tracking Operator can only manage his own personal notifications (whereas the Project Admin can manage notifications on behalf of all the project members).
  • Tracking Observer is a user who has read-only access to the project (for example, he can only view a device tracking data). Tracking Observer can manage his own personal notifications.

Each project has a unique appId and projectId.

Some Tracking APIs scope requests to a project. The project would be identified by either the project's appId and or the projectId depending on the request type. For example, when listing geofences, one needs to specify which project geofences should be listed. The Tracking API can implicitly resolve the project ID if the user calling the Tracking API is a member of a single project. However, if the user is a member of multiple projects, the projectId request query parameter needs to be specified explicitly. The device license provisioning requests require a project appId to be specified as a part of the request url path.

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