Reports is a tool to collect and analyze historical data of all the assets of the project. The reports are calculated based on the event data generated by dwelling, detention or utilization rules.

In the following section there are some example questions to which reports can provide an answer. The parameter combinations required to produce such reports are mentioned alongside.

Dwelling reports

Asset is dwelling when it has been inside a geofence for longer than allowed time defined by the user.

  • How much an asset dwelled during each week and how does it compare to the assets' average dwelling?
    • measure=duration, interval=week, trackingId
    • measure=duration, interval=week, groupBy=asset, method=average
  • Which assets were dwelling the most and the least?
    • measure=duration, groupBy=asset
    • measure=duration, groupBy=asset, sort=value:asc
  • Inside which geofences did the assets dwell the most and the least?
    • measure=duration, groupBy=geofence
    • measure=duration, groupBy=geofence, sort=value:asc
  • How the dwelling of assets in a specific geofence during each week compare to the other geofences?
    • measure=duration, interval=week, groupBy=asset, method=cumulative, geofenceId
    • measure=duration, interval=week, groupBy=geofence, method=average
  • How many assets were dwelling each day?
    • measure=asset, interval=day

Detention reports

Asset is in detention when it has stayed still for longer than allowed time defined by the user. This kind of asset might be lost or waiting for transportation for too long.

  • Which assets were in detention the most, when comparing the time spent in detention?
    • measure=duration, groupBy=asset
  • How many assets were in detention each day?
    • measure=asset, interval=day
  • How many times an asset was in detention in each month? For how long?
    • measure=occurrence, interval=month, trackingId
    • measure=duration, interval=month, trackingId
  • How many times assets were in detention in each month on average?
    • measure=occurrence, interval=month, groupBy=asset, method=average
  • How much time all the assets of the project spent in detention each day?
    • measure=duration, interval=day, groupBy=asset, method=cumulative

Utilization reports

Asset is utilized when it is moving or when it has been continuously stationary only for the allowed time, defined by the user, and not more.

  • What percentage of the assets was utilized during each day?
    • measure=asset, interval=day, method=percentage
  • What was the average utilization time of an asset during each week?
    • measure=duration, interval=week, groupBy=asset, method=average
  • Which assets were the most and the least used, when counting the utilization times?
    • measure=occurrence, groupBy=asset
    • measure=occurrence, groupBy=asset, sort=value:asc
  • How many utilization days did the assets have in each week on average?
    • measure=day, interval=week, groupBy=asset, method=average

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