In addition to sensor rules and geofences, user can create dwelling, detention, utilization, stock and online rules. Once created, a rule can be associated with a device. The association means that every time a telemetry is received from the device, it will be evaluated against the rule conditions. When the evaluation status of the device changes, an event is recorded and a notification is generated.

Dwelling and stock rules use geofence evaluations as a basis of the rule evaluation. This means that no dwelling or stock events will be generated if geofences do not produce events. Detention and utilization rule evaluation is based on detected movement of the device.


A device is considered to be dwelling when it has stayed inside an associated geofence for longer than the specified dwelling threshold duration. With dwelling rules user can keep track of the devices ageing in geofences and get alarmed when the device has stayed inside a geofence for too long.


User can get notified when the number of devices inside the stock geofence crosses the specified overstock and understock limit thresholds. Unlike other rules, stock rules cannot be associated to a device. Instead, a stock rule is related to a geofence, which is specified in the stock rule configuration.


A device is in detention when it has stayed continuously stationary for longer than specified threshold duration. User can get alarmed when the device has been stationary for too long.


A device is utilized when it is considered moving or when it has been continuously stationary only for the allowed threshold duration and not more. User gets notified when the device has been taken into use.


When an online rule is associated to the device, a user can get notified when the device goes offline and when it comes back to online. The device is considered to be offline if it is late for the planned ingestion schedule for more than 5 minutes. Ingestion schedule can be configured in the device desired shadow.

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