A device can have a set of sensors, and it can send the current value of the sensor to HERE Tracking as part of the ingestion telemetry. A device can also report its sensor capabilities as part of the reported device shadow.

A user can create different types of rules for sensors. Once created, a rule can be associated with a device. This association means that every time a sensor update is received from the device, it will be compared to the sensor rule. If the sensor value crosses the threshold of the rule an event is recorded and HERE Tracking will generate a notification.

The supported sensor types for creating sensor rules are battery, humidity, pressure, temperature, acceleration, attach and tamper sensors.

Range rules: battery, humidity, pressure and temperature sensors

The user can define a range rule for battery, humidity, pressure and temperature sensors. This means that in the sensor rule configuration both upper and lower thresholds for the sensor readings are defined. When the device ingests data, the respective sensor reading is compared to the defined range and the evaluation status can thus be below, in or above the range. When the device reports a sensor reading that changes the evaluation state, an event is generated.

When the battery rule is associated to the device, the user can get notified when the device battery needs to get recharged. Humidity, pressure and temperature sensor rules help the user to monitor the physical tracking environment and get alarmed if the tracked asset gets exposed to harmful environmental conditions.

Threshold rule: acceleration sensor

For enabling an acceleration sensor rule, the user has to configure a threshold value for the acceleration. When an acceleration sensor rule is associated to the device, every time the device notices the accelerometer sensor reading being above the threshold, an event gets triggered.

With the acceleration sensor rule user can get notified if the device is being dropped or it otherwise experiences a shock.

Boolen rules: attach and tamper sensors

Some devices have attach and tamper sensors. An attach sensor can detect whether the device is attached to some object (for example to an asset) or not. Tamper sensor detects whether the device cover is open or closed. When the cover is open, the device is considered to be tampered.

When attach and tamper sensor rules are associated to the device, user can get notified whenever the device gets attached or detached, and when the device is being tampered.

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