Supported translation languages

The supported languages for incident translation are listed below.


If a variation is available, for example GB English, and the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code is not provided, then the default used will be the first available in the list, which in this example is US English.

Location information is provided in the description field to the listed languages.

Language (ISO) Language (Native) ISO 639-1 Code ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 Code(s) Location Information
Danish Dansk da DK
German Deutsch de DE
English English en US, GB
Spanish Español es ES
Finnish Suomi fi FI
French Français fr FR
Italian Italiano it IT
Dutch Nederlands nl NL
Norwegian Norsk Bokmål nb NO
Polish Polszczyzna pl PL
Portuguese Português pt PT
Russian русский ru RU
Slovakian Slovenčina sk SK
Slovenian Slovenščina sv SE
Turkish Türkçe tr TR
Chinese 中文 zh CN, HK, TW

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