Why Use The Traffic API v7?

The Traffic API v7 provides access to real-time traffic information to address the following high level use cases:

Traffic Flow Data

The API provides access to real-time traffic flow data in JSON, including information on speed and jam factor for the region(s) defined in each request. The API can also deliver additional data such as the geometry of the road segments in relation to the flow.

Traffic Incident Data

The API provides aggregated information about traffic incidents in JSON, including the type and location of each traffic incident, status, start and end time, and other relevant data. This data is useful to dynamically optimize route calculations.

Use Cases For Other Services

The Traffic API v7 doesn't cover all real-time traffic information use cases. The following use case are best served by different offerings from HERE.

Traffic Information in Large Regions

The Traffic API v7 has a limit on the maximum size of a region that traffic information can be requested for. This ensures fast response times.

For use cases that require regular access to large regions (for example, entire countries), contact Us.

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