This is the initial Traffic API v7 release.

  • We provide incident and realtime flow data, covering all of HERE's traffic
  • We support geo-spatial queries within a circle, bounding box and corridor for both
  • We support TMC, OpenLR and shape points as location referencing methods
  • We support realtime flow data with the following features:
    • speed information and a confidence value for it
    • jam factor and jam tendency
    • traversability and junction traversability
    • subsegments with more granularity than the used location referencing
    • two advanced features: deep coverage and lanes. The lanes feature includes lane information and high-occupancy vehicles (HOV) lane information
    • additional filtering by jam factor and functional class
  • We support incident data with the following features:
    • id and incident type information
    • incident summary and description, and localization for both for 16 languages
    • criticality
    • start-time, end-time, and entry-time
    • information about closed roads
    • junction traversability
    • vehicle restrictions
    • additional filtering by functional class, criticality, and time

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