Message Summary

message ProbeData

The ProbeData message contains items representing a span of historical probe data.

Include: probe-historic-data.proto


Field Type Label Description
timewindow int64 The timewindow field is used to query a catalog stored in the OLP index layer, for probe point data which meets the criteria of a specific timespan.
The timespan indicates the time when the probe point data was captured. It is a protobuf-defined data type used for time values.

You can read these protobuf data types into a language of your choice, such as Python, Java, Scala, JavaScript, C++, and so on, using a protobuf compiler.

The `timewindow` data type is int64, which is a 64-bit number. It is published in units of milliseconds from UTC Epoch time into this field.
probepoints repeated A list of probe points within the specified timewindow. For more information, see ProbePoint.


If timewindow is set for 24 hours, then you can only query probes by days, for example, data between timewindow > 20-Sep-2022 and timewindow < 24-sept-2022. You cannot query between hours of the day.


A list of probepoints which represents real-time traffic probe point data. For more information, see ProbePoint.

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