HERE Probe Data is a location enrichment service that enhances the overall comprehension of how people and vehicles move. HERE Probe Data helps mobility and logistics providers, automobile organizations, and agencies tasked with public safety by supplying both historical and near-real-time location data. Using existing data collection methods, HERE Probe Data provides anonymized current and historical samples of movement information as a pool of data that is accessible via a subscription service.

HERE Probe Data supports several use cases across multiple disciplines, including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Enable businesses and national, regional, and city authorities to analyze and optimize traffic signal timing.
  • Accurately map and analyze congestion, while modeling seasonal and historical traffic speeds and volumes to help traffic flow optimization and city planning.
  • Enable the study of route patterns and point traffic analysis.
  • Support drive time area calculations that can enhance IVI and ADAS systems for greater in-car comfort, awareness, and safety.
  • Gain a clearer picture of potential public safety improvements through enhanced road risk modeling, air quality measurement, and smart street lighting.
  • Provide up to two years of historical location data.

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