HERE fleet

HERE collects its vehicle movement data from a variety of third-party sources, which are comprised of various types of vehicles which form the HERE fleet.

General composition

The overall HERE fleet focuses on motorized vehicles. It is collected by navigation devices, fleet logistics terminals, connected vehicles, and mobile applications. Some non-motorized data may be included, because the mobile applications can be used by pedestrians or bicyclists, but this data is not the focus of the dataset.

Growth over time

The HERE fleet of source vehicles for HERE Probe Data is constantly expanding. New connected cars are constantly rolling off of assembly lines, replacing older, non-connected cars. HERE also adds new sources to its fleet regularly, to both supplement this organic growth and to expand into new areas, while bolstering coverage in existing areas.


Data coverage may vary, as the data is collected from a sample of vehicles on the road. For example, if there are no vehicles moving in a particular area, such as on a small road overnight, there are no samples available. Areas where more vehicles travel see more data. Therefore, there is no guaranteed sample rate in the product. When you begin to set up a subscription, HERE Probe Data assists you by indicating how much data is available in your specific area of interest.

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