Using HERE Probe Data

To access and begin using HERE Probe Data, you must provide some information on where and from what time frame you require data. You can access HERE Probe Data that has already been collected, processed, and archived in the past, referred to as Archive data, or you can subscribe to HERE Probe Data that will be generated and collected in the future, referred to as Real Time data.


HERE Probe Data is offered through the HERE Marketplace, an open, neutral and scalable data exchange platform enabling secure and controlled subscription of location-centric assets. Setting up an account on the Marketplace enables to you create subscriptions to HERE Probe Data. For more information on working with HERE Marketplace, see the Marketplace Provider User Guide.

You can specify the geographic area(s) from where you want the data, the starting and ending dates for that data, and other specifications. Once you have agreed to the license terms and handled payment, HERE initiates your subscription by constructing the dataset and sending you an email with a link to access it.

Using real-time data

Select the option for real-time data if you need current information about vehicle movements. This creates a stream of probe points that you can tap into. You can specify how long you want that stream to run, in days, months, or years. You can write a program to access this data using the Data API on the HERE platform. Streams are implemented as Kafka queues. For more information on data catalogs, see the Data User Guide.

As an alternative to using the APIs to access the real-time probe data, you can use command-line tool that reads a stream continuously and writes data into a CSV-format local file. After setting up a simple configuration file with the link to the stream and your access credentials, you can then run the tool whenever you want data. Contact a HERE technical support representative (open a ticket at for access to this command-line tool.

Using historical data

If you need historical information on a given area, select the historical data option and specify the starting and ending dates of interest. HERE Probe Data will create a dataset and email you a link to access the dataset when it is ready. This may take some time depending on the size of the data requested. You can access this data either by using the Data API on the HERE platform, or by using a HERE command-line tool. For more information, see the Data User Guide.

Managing permissions

When you receive the email inviting you to access your dataset, it is important to make sure you accept the invitation, and then grant access permission for each application ID that will be used to access the dataset, as this is not automatically done. Ensure that you perform this step before trying to access the data in any way other than the HERE platform, as the HERE platform enables access without an application ID.

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