Obtain a traffic vector tile with both flow and incident events

To get a traffic vector tile with all events, use the traffic layer parameter.

The following example demonstrates such traffic tile request for a traffic layer parameter.

{% codetabs name="Bearer token", type="bash" -%}
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN_HERE" "{{book.traffic.baseUrl}}{{book.traffic.examplePathTraffic}}"
{%- language name="| Apikey", type="bash" -%}
curl "{{book.standard.baseUrl}}{{book.standard.examplePathTraffic}}?apikey=APIKEY_HERE"
{%- endcodetabs %}

The response will contain all traffic layers traffic_flow, traffic_incident and incident_icons with information about traffic for the particular tile.

The following figure illustrates an example of a rendered vector tile response with all layers.

Vector tile with all layers
Figure 1. Vector tile with all layers

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