Traffic API Developer's Guide

Traffic Flow Data

The examples listed below illustrate the common use cases for requesting traffic flow information from the Traffic API in TrafficML Flow format version 3.2, available via the /traffic/6.2/ endpoint.

The following general request patterns are supported:

Table 1. Traffic Flow Data Request Patterns
Addressing scheme URL pattern
[Z]/[X]/[Y] {base-url}/{path}/{resource}/{format}/{zoom}/{column}/{row}?
Quadkey {base-url}/{path}/{resource}.{format}?quadkey={quadkey}
Bounding box {base-url}/{path}/{resource}.{format}?bbox={bounding box coordinates}
Proximity {base-url}/{path}/{resource}.{format}?prox={proximity coordinates}
Corridor {base-url}/{path}/{resource}.{format}?corridor={corridor coordinates}

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