Traffic API Developer's Guide

Filtering Traffic Flow Data

You can use the flow resource to request traffic flow data containing speed and congestion ("jam factor") information for a geospatial area. The response data format is either XML or JSON. Optionally, your request can specify shape and functional class information to further identify the roadways for which you wish to obtain traffic flow information.

Geospatial Inclusion

The service supports the following geospatial filters (addressing schemes):

  • quadkey
  • [Z]/[X]/[Y]
  • bounding box (bbox)
  • proximity (prox)
  • corridor

For more information about these filters, see Selecting a Request Pattern.

Note: Response only include subcomponents of roadway items (RW) that fall within the geospatial address.

Content Filters

By default, a response contains all the available flow information for the specified spatial filter. It is, however, possible to add a further filter based on the functional class of the road through the parameter maxfunctionalclass, and a filter for minimum and maximum jam factor values through the parameters minjamfactor and maxjamfactor.