Traffic API Developer's Guide

Traffic Flow Data with DLR

The user wants to obtain traffic flow data with a Dynamic Location Reference (DLR), around Alexanderplatz, Berlin.


The query parameter bbox defines the latitudes and longitudes of the top left and bottom right corners of the bounding box. The optional query parameter responseattributes requests that the response include additional information on the shape of the roadway corresponding to the flow items
Note: Typically, DLRs appear in arbitrary places, depending on traffic conditions. Sometime responses to requests do not include any DLRs.


The response to the request contains:
  • <SHP> element for the shape which includes the FC attribute for the functional class information
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<TRAFFICML_REALTIME CREATED_TIMESTAMP="2017-06-02T18:08:33Z" MAP_VERSION="" UNITS="metric" VERSION="3.2" xmlns="">
    <RW PBT="2017-06-02T18:04:27Z" mid="c60928a9-61d2-45b7-bc41-8e0c9704a7cc~779602169N">
          <SHP FC="4" FW="SD" LE="0.06078" LID="779602169T">52.51483,13.39008 52.51477,13.38919</SHP>
          <CF CN="0.77" FF="24.0" JF="8.0833" SP="9.23" SU="9.23" TY="TR"/>
    <RW PBT="2017-06-02T18:08:34Z" mid="d2269eae-5fa5-447d-97c8-d3139db0ef92~923839888P">
          <SHP FC="4" FW="SD" LE="0.10319" LID="923839888F">52.4788,13.43603 52.47898,13.43752</SHP>
          <CF CN="0.86" FF="29.0" JF="8.30276" SP="9.98" SU="9.98" TY="TR"/>
    <RW PBT="2017-06-02T18:08:26Z" mid="4a85b6e8-21c4-463f-ae66-89b99b620e9d~53473556P">
          <SHP FC="5" FW="SD" LE="0.17662" LID="53473556F">52.49518,13.38403 52.49673,13.38459</SHP>
          <CF CN="0.75" FF="39.0" JF="6.90229" SP="17.74" SU="17.74" TY="TR"/>

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