Public Transit API v3 Developer's Guide


Arr contains destination of the current section/connection. Include an Address or a Station. If available real time information will also be provided.

Table 1. Arr Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
platform - String Name or number of the platform at which a line stops.
time Yes DateTime Arrival time in ISO 8601 (for example, 2020-10-24T01:23:45) format.
Table 2. Arr Type Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
RT - RT RT, when present, contains the actual arrival or departure time, and also the platform information (if available) for transit stations.
Addr - Addr Specifies an address using coordinates.
Stn - Stn Specifies various information about a stop or a station.
AP - AP Contains all available information about an individual transit access point (i.e. entrance/exit of a transit station).
Activities - Activities Information about activities.