Public Transit API v3 Developer's Guide


At is an attribute within an list of attributes. Each of these individual attributes contains an id and a value. The id specifies the type of information related to the value.

Note: The representation of a list of attributes in JSON differ from the XML representation since in JSON all attributes are collapsed as key values of a single object.

The example below demonstrates an AttributesIds list with various information about a transport such as category, name of the operator or whether bikes are allowed on this particular transport mode, in this case, the train.

Figure 1. List of attributes from an XML response:
<Transport name="Tram 12" code="8" dir="Mitte, Am Kupfergraben">
  <At id="category">Tram</At>
  <At id="operator">BVG</At>
  <At id="bikeAllowed">1</At>
  <At id="barrierFree">1</At>
  <At id="color">#CC0A22</At>
  <At id="textColor">#FFFFFF</At>
Figure 2. List of attributes from a JSON response:
"At": {
  "category": "Tram",
  "operator": "BVG",
  "bikeAllowed": 1,
  "barrierFree": 1,
  "color": "#CC0A22",
  "textColor": "#FFFFFF"
Table 1. At Type Attributes
Attribute Always Included Type Description
id Yes AttributesIds Specifies the type of information as an id and the actual information as a value associated with that id.

Content type: String