Public Transit API v3 Developer's Guide

Public Transit Response Type

Res type contains response data generated as a result of a request to the Public Transit request resources. For more information on the available request elements, see the relevant resource page.

Table 1. Res type Attribute
Attribute Always Included Type Description
serviceUrl Yes anyURL URL for accessing the service related to the backend API
Table 2. ResType Elements
Element Always Included Type Description
Connections - Connections Contains a list complete transit journeys or routes for a given route request.

Provided by the Routes API.

Coverage - Coverage Contains detailed information about covered cities.

Provided by the Coverage Service API.

Guidance - Guidance Contains a list complete pedestrian maneuvers for all sections of a jourey which require turn-by-turn guidance.
LocalCoverage - LocalCoverage Contains information about nearby cities and the type of routing coverage exist in those cities (estimated, time-table, real-time). See Types of Coverage for more details.

Provided by the Nearby Coverage API.

Logos - Logos Contains a list of links to branded logos of agencies.

Provided by the Logo Brands API.

NextDepartures - NextDepartures List of departures around a given location and transit stop/station.

Provided by the Next Nearby Departures API.

Stations - Stations List of stations that match the search string or location specified in the request.

Provided by the Station Search API.

Transit Isoline - Isochrone (Deprecated) Contains a list of stations which can be reached within a given time frame.

Provided by the Transit Isoline API.